Les Mouilles - 74340 SamoŽns
Located at 1,5 km from the center of the village of SamoŽns, facing south, the Renand family has always pursued tourism and agriculture.
L'accueil Savoyard offers the visitors a simple and traditional table.
The dishes are made from local products and follow traditional recipes.
Open from Wednesday night to Saturday night.
Others evening upon request
For this summer season, we only provide evening meals :
A free home made Kir
Fondue 3 cheeses
or Tartiflette with reblochon AOC
or Savoy omelet
or Potato doughnuts
Served with charcuterie and green salad.
The Dessert
Home made or special ice-creams from the Alps
We urge you to book in advance
+33 (0)4 50 34 41 86
We welcome groups of up to 25 people
(upon request)
Sorry we can't accept credit cards at the moment